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About Dream team beaute

At Dream Team Beaute (DTB) we don't follow the trends, we define them. DTB was founded in 2014 with the goal of creating a high-speed, innovative lab designed to serve the needs of our customers. Since its inception, DTB has been focused on the research and development of new color cosmetic concepts, textures and ingredient technologies to drive customer growth.

Utilizing their knowledge and strong technical background, our team at DTB is responsible for creating and manufacturing some of today’s most popular, award-winning cosmetics. In addition to their focus on world-class color innovation, the team at DTB has spent the past six months analyzing and improving their production processes.They have implemented new quality and regulatory procedures and continue to build robust Account Manager and R&D teams to ensure that we deliver consistently phenomenal customer service and cutting-edge innovation.


packaging:Bottles, Bulk Pails, Pans/Compacts, Propel/Repel Sticks, Vials, Jars

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11011 Olinda St
Los Angeles, CA 91352

(818) 768-1718